Since 1998, the BuyBoard has delivered the vast economies of scale in purchasing products and services for local governments, big and small. BuyBoard was created to support and serve public schools, municipalities, county government, and all types of local government agencies and nonprofits. Combining the purchase power of our large membership provides the leverage to achieve better pricing on products, equipment, and services that are used every day.


Members save administrative time and resources because the competitive procurement process has been completed.

Our pledge to your organization is that BuyBoard can provide you competitive pricing, a trusted and transparent procurement process, reduced internal costs, and superior service.

BuyBoard Vendors

With almost 70 contracts available, members will find almost everything needed to support their organization.  All vendors have been awarded through a competitively procured process that provides transparency, compliance, and a documented audit trail.  The procurement process treats all vendors on equal terms and on the same plane of competition.