Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Lighting

The most commonly asked questions we receive about sports lighting design, installation and operation can be found below! If you don’t see your questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you have.

Rules and Guidelines Questions

Are there specific guidelines for sports lighting fields?

YES. Recommended footcandle averages are published by the IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) and should be followed in any specification. Some sporting organizations have their own lighting requirements and should be consulted.

Do all fields require the same amount of lights?

NO. Every type of sports lighting has its own unique requirements.  In order to achieve the correct amount of light on the playing surface.

Are there environmental lighting requirements?

YES. Many cities, towns and municipalities have specific spill and glare control requirements for new lighting.  Techline Sports Lighting will help you determine the best system to insure full compliance with your local regulations.

What about spill and glare?

How can we make sure the lights don’t bother our neighbors?  Techline Sports Lighting offers a variety of products and methods to control this unwanted light.  We have a solution for light polution!

How can I be sure to meet all requirements?

Techline Sports Lighting will work directly with you to insure that all regulations and local requirements that affect your project are met, from design to installation and beyond.

Pricing Questions

What factors affect my cost?

Factors affecting the cost of a project can include competition level (i.e. Little League play vs professional stadium), field dimensions, audience size, soil conditions, project location, spill or glare concerns, and wind speed conditions.

Can we utilize State purchasing contracts?

YES.  We have state contracts or cooperative purchase options available in all states.

Is financing available?

YES.  We offer a variety of payment solutions with financing up to 15 years.

Do we need to find installers?

NO.  Our team offers turnkey installation providing a fully operational team.  *

How can we insure we are getting the most for our money?

Techline Sports Lighting is typically 20-30% BELOW the cost of other sports lighting companies while providing the highest quality systems,  superior service, and the most competitive prices.

Product and Service Questions

What is the difference between EcoStar and standard lenses?

The EcoStar Lens gives higher light levels, increased fixture life, increased fixture efficiency, and reduced operating temperatures.  Customers report a significant increase in average foot candles and reduction in energy costs when the EcoStar lens is used

What is EcoLink?

EcoLink™ is our exclusive wireless remote control monitoring system.  EcoLink™ allows you to turn your lights on and off from any smart phone, table or computer.  With EcoLink™ you can reduce your operating costs by 50%!

I got another bid, why do they use so many more fixtures?

Different sports lighting manufacturers use their own fixture design in their sports lighting systems.  Techline Sports Lighting uses the latest technology in the design of our fixtures to achieve the highest output possible thus lowering the total fixture count on your project.

Can I use donated poles?

The TSL system is a complete engineered system, including electrical, structural and foundation requirements.  Poles vary greatly and should be specifically designed for our application and installation.  Thorough analysis needs to be performed on any donated poles.  In addition, insurance may not be available for wood poles due to liability.

What about maintenance - do I need a long warranty?

Techline Sports Lighting systems are virtually maintenance free.  We offer a standard 10 year warranty , but also offer additional warranties up to 30 years.  or warranties are the longest in the industry.

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