TSLED Sport LED fixtures lit up South Kitsap High School’s football stadium Friday, September 25th, as the Wolves played their first home game under the lights in the  newly renovated Bank stadium.   The latest in sports lighting technology, South Kitsap used Techline Sports Lighting TSLED Sport LED fixtures as part of the $1.8 million dollar stadium renovation funded by Kitsap Bank and Debbie and Wayne Macomber. 

south kitsap

South Kitsap High School Bank Stadium

With TSLED Sport LED fixtures, fans and players enjoy precision lighting, instant on/off functionality, and HDTV quality lighting while facilities managers reap the benefits of reduced energy costs of 50-75%, longer fixture life (up to 200,000 hours) and a virtually maintenance free lighting system!! Another advantage of LED lighting is that you are able to achieve the same or higher light level with fewer fixtures than traditional metal halide lighting systems.  Call Techline Sports Lighting today and let us help you bring your game…to light!