LED Sports Lighting Solution with Action Lighting

The University of Oklahoma was looking to improve their fan experience with LED Action Lighting that also meets the NCAA’s Best Lighting Practices.  Techline Sports Lighting was selected to upgrade the existing metal halide system, with the Techline LED Upgrade Solution, including an overhaul of existing poles.  Several players raved about the new lighting.  When speaking to the Fan Nation All Sooners website, tight end Daniel Parker stated, “Wow, it’s just one of those feelings like, as a kid, you’ve always wanted to have this experience.  Actually living it is very surreal.”  Running back Eric Gray noted, “when you see the LED lights and you’re on the other sideline, you’re like, Oh Snap.  We’re in it now.”  Student Thad Bohm who attended the game yelled, “That’s the kind of stuff that makes college football great!  That’s what keeps us coming back out here!”

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Techline LED Action Lighting Solution
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