New Turf, baseball lights, press box projects complete at Lake Travis

By February 23, 2014Sports Lighting


(as seen in the Lake Travis View, August 1, 2012 – by Habeab Kurdi)

Summer has been a busy time around Lake Travis athletics, and some improvements will shine brightly in the coming school year.

The Lake Travis baseball field received a significant lighting upgrade, not only brightening the field with a lot less light bulbs, but the lights are also more efficient and won’t reflect light into surrounding areas like in the past. The baseball field had been operating with subpar lighting for some time, but the new bulbs in place will make the diamond glow this upcoming season.

There were 128 lights in the old system, while just 58 lights are in place now for a brighter, more efficient system, according to Rodney Hawthorne, president of Techline, the company that installed the lighting and has done installations for stadiums worldwide.

“We doubled the light level with more than 50 percent energy savings,” he said.

The bulbs on the old system were 1,000 watt, and the new ones are at 1,500 watts and are expected to have a life of 3,000 hours. The system is set up with a computer aid to ensure the lighting is in the proper positioning and evenly covers the field.

Hawthorne said that the previous system did not meet the University Interscholastic League requirements because there was a lack of light on the field.