Is your old lighting system dim?    Are lights out?    Has your warranty expired?    Spill light still a problem?


Your existing lighting system

  • Improve Lighting without major construction
  • Field use is Minimally affected
  • Frequent lamp replacement Eliminated!
  • Instant On/Off feature reduces energy waste in HID warm up
  • Take Advantage of energy incentives by Going Green
  • Opportunity to offset acquisition costs (capital) with reduced operating cost

One for One Replacement · Less Stress on Poles · Reduced Energy Costs · Innovative Technology · NO Maintenance

Why Choose Techline?

  • Free Consultation
  • Design & Engineering*
  • Professional Installation
  • State Contract Purchasing
  • Finance / Lease Purchase Options
  • Complete Engineered System
    *Due to Local and State laws, some services may not be available in all States.

Your Easy Path to Retrofit

Sports Lighting is our ONLY business! For over 20 years we have provided the highest quality lighting at the most competitive prices. Techline, powered by GeoSport Lighting, provides the latest LED sports lighting fixtures on the market. In addition, you gain our expertise through every step of the process.

Light weight · Fewer Fixtures · Reduced Installation Costs · Uniformity · Precisely Delivered light

Consider the benefits of LED sports lighting!

Transform your current lighting system to a maintenance free, energy efficient, more affordable lighting system that produces better quality light and provides endless entertainment possibilities.

Contact Techline today for a free estimate and see how easy and affordable it is to start enjoying HDTV quality lighting lighting, while lowering your energy bills.