EcoLink Wireless Remote Control

Reduce Sports Lighting Energy Costs by 50%

Turn your lights on and off from any smart phone, tablet or computer!

Purchasing and installing your sports lighting system is only a fraction of the cost over the lifetime of your sports program. Operating cost is a significant factor when planning how best to light your playing fields, especially with rising electricity fees.

EcoLink is easily added to existing systems – call Techline today to learn more!

Benefits of Wireless Control:

  • Allows proactive scheduling and monitoring of all your fields or facilities
  • Reduces Energy costs by 50%
  • Track hours used
  • Easily added to existing lighting systems
  • Controls multiple fields at multiple locations
  • Reduces operating and labor costs
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Complete customer training
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Allows you to adjust lighting for different levels of need; scene lighting, maintenance mode, or full lights which saves you $$$ !!!


“The main thing I like about having EcoLink is the energy savings.  We have the ability to schedule our light usage rather than depend on people manually turning lights on and off.

We have 19 soccer fields and 14 baseball fields.  With EcoLink, we simply schedule the lights automatically from the convenience of our phone or computer.  The operations and labor cost savings is significant, not to mention how easy it is to use!”

 – Wixson Hufstetler, City of Jonesboro

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What are other ways to save with EcoLink?

Scene Lighting:

Use only 50% of lights during practice times

Maintenance mode

Use lights for short period of time like when maintenance crew needs only 30 minutes to get field ready

Game Day