ecolink-logo1As part of our green initiative, we have created a state-of-the-art remote monitoring system that reduces the cost and inconvenience of traveling from one facility to the other to turn lights on or off. Our wireless remote control system can also reduce energy wasted from powering lights when a facility isn’t in use.

The EcoLink Wireless Control System offers remote switch-on-demand from any smart phone, tablet or computer for your convenience. It also allows proactive scheduling and monitoring of all your fields or facilities. Along with reducing cost, this reduces stress over making sure lights are being turned on and off at the proper time. Another bonus with EcoLink is that it provides “scene” lighting, which is a major money saver. Scene lighting easily allows you to run 50% of lights during practice or scheduled maintenance times and up to 100% of lights on game day. Again, this would decrease operating and labor costs.

EcoLink can even provide usage data to your smart phone, tablet or computer. Keep track of energy costs throughout the day and watch the trends to streamline your lighting coverage.

EcoLink has helped facility owners reduce their sites’ electrical energy consumption by 50% or more. It can be easily added to any existing lighting system to help start reducing costs as soon as possible. Along with installation, we offer customer training and 24/7 technical support for peace of mind with your new equipment.

Refer to our contact page if you are interested in EcoLink and would like more information.