Are you in the market for affordable sports lighting? I mean, who isn’t? At Techline Sport Lighting we offer innovative lighting and high quality products for the lowest possible price. Along with being cost-conscious, we want to help you make an educated decision. Here are some factors to consider when looking to put in a sports lighting system.

Community endorsement – be sure to check into city ordinances, as well as surrounding neighbors and businesses, which may regulate the amount of glare allowed. There may also be zoning code restrictions to be followed.

Power lines – overhead and underground power lines should be considered when making a system decision.

Field layout – will there be enough room to set back the lighting poles? There should also be plenty of space for the setup equipment and any future maintenance equipment.

Availability of utilities – is there adequate access to the necessary amount of electricity?

Operating costs – Lighting systems can be expensive, but with the help of computer regulation they may help to reduce staff resources. Along with installation costs, be sure to budget for maintenance costs. Bulbs themselves are cheaper if they are commercially available, as opposed to an option that may need to be special ordered. Be sure to keep in mind budgeting for changing bulbs, which often requires a bucket truck or cherry picker. Of course, also keep in mind the cost of electricity and any major repairs that may be needed down the road.

Techline Sport Lighting offers innovative installation systems, including our revolutionary remote monitoring system, EcoLink. Our solutions are good for football fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, softball fields, tennis courts, driving ranges, golf courses, motor sports complexes, rodeo arenas and much more. If you think you’re ready for lighting for your field, give us a call or contact us from our website.