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Techline’s team of experts will design the ultimate lighting system for your sports facility, including recommendations for the appropriate poles, fixtures, and electrical.

Expert Lighting Design Consultation

Our mission is to serve the worldwide sports community by promoting the practice of excellent lighting design. These are not just words but are backed by over 100 years of electrical heritage at Hubbell and Techline. A Techline Sports Lighting designer brings this unparalleled level of expertise to your design project – offering a vast array of innovative lighting solutions for all sports.

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Our Principal Areas of Focus:

  • Reduction of light pollution and trespass
  • Initial Costs
  • Life Cycle Costs
  • Visual Comfort
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Analysis of Information from Outside Sources
  • Participate in meetings with neighborhood and government groups

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To find out more about products and services or to get a free estimate and design consultation for your sports lighting needs, please call us at 800.500.3161 or submit a quote request.